3/19/2014: going forward
brian oakley
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its been a really long time since i have updated the site. there has been a lot of really weird and intense real life stuff happening.....on the more positive side i am getting married to a really wonderful woman whom i can not even fathom how great she is as well as recently having some great conversations with corleone co founder j.namdev hardisty.

way back when ye old j.namdev and i conceived of corleone we never imagined it would last this long. we completed one record together and although he touched the next couple of releases he moved with his wife out to minneapolis and since has been more of a mental supporter as well as the occasional free lance graphic designer as well as a spring board for my tantrums as well as an all around great dude.

that being said, we are entering 2014 together. j.namdev will be joining corleone again as a full partner as he should have always been. i couldnt be happier about this. an old engine breathes new air so to speak.

we only have four releases slated for this year but the first one is in my hands and could even now become in your hands.

JACOB THE TERRIBLE has a new 7" out called "jacob the terrible sings songs of its complicated". its a really fun jaunt with at least five memorable song lyrics. it is available in the store but be aware that this site is being torn down so that is why there is so many weird things when you flip thru it. so be patient that there is not a band image or a record image. j.namdev will be taking over the site, we already have a fully loaded new sign that is being populated with info but with in the next few days namdev will be posting a temporary splash page site to better feature the jacob the terrible record until the new site is finished. bare with us. growing pains baby growing pains.

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